Seamless rain gutters are the preferred choice of most our orange county rain gutter clients. We manufacture each piece with precision at the installation site. We solder or caulk the miters or end caps to leave a neat water-tight finish that looks great.





One of the most important steps in assuring a long life for your gutters is yearly maintenance,. Debris builds up in the gutters from foliage, roofing materials, and various debris. this causes unnecessary weight in your rain gutters over time and pulls the rain gutter from the structure. Downspouts should be cleared regularly to keep rain gutters from overflow causing problems to your wood and siding. We offer annual and bi-annual cleanings and maintenance to ensure the longest possible life for your gutter system.



With Out Of The Gutter Inc. you get a trained and experienced team of gutter professionals who are familiar with all aspects of gutter maintenance from installation to repairs. Contact us today to learn about our maintenance and repair services that will ensure your gutters are ready for any season.




We offer a variety of rain barrels. Some are recycled without any melting or reforming of plastic because they were already designed to hold liquids in a safe way. By collecting rain water in these barrels, you not only conserve expensive treated drinking water, but you are also keeping plastic out of the landfill.




Our rain chains are inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, but designed for American homes. They can be easily installed on any home in place of a downspout, or can be used in areas where a traditional downspout is undesirable.Rain chains are a beautiful alternative to downspouts and sound great!




As part of our service while we are working at your property we will inspect your fascia boards for signs of rot or damage. Rather than call our your local roofing contractor we are able to provide repair and replacement and treating of your wooden fascia boards.

We get the job right the first time

-Owner Richard Astin

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Phone: 949-267-3811

Hours: 7 Days a Week – 7am/7pm

Phone: 949-267-3811

Hours: 7 Days a Week – 7am/7pm